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Go canoeing
in a
Wayland folding kayak !

70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. You just need to select a folding kayak and go paddling!


12/12/19 - Website maintenance
Please bear with us whilst the website is ungoing maintenace, updates, clean up etc. Do email us with any enquiries you may have using the email address as shown in the banner above

Can I paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a licence to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Web sites page.

In other countries, do check with your national kayak organisations and waterway / off-shore agencies etc.

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There are many Wayland supplied accessories available, some of which are listed below. Spare parts (frame pieces, fittings, etc) is listed under Spares. Other non-Wayland accessories is listed under Other Accessories. If there is a particular item that is not listed that you are looking for, do ask.

Wayland sail rigs and outriggers are listed separately - see Sail Rigs & Outriggers
Accessory Mounting Board
Camouflage skirts / covers
Carry Straps
Cockpit covers
Collapsible military anchor
Comfort seats
Convertible (2 +1) Conversion Kits
Deck Visibility Panels
Internal expedition storage bags
Small Kayak Cart

Accessories Price List
Lifting straps
Outboard Motor bracket/support
Outboard Electric Motor
Packing bags - Backpack / Carry bags
Sea Sock
Solo Paddling facilities - double seaters
Spraydeck covers

Descriptions are subject to change without prior notice.

Accessory Mounting Board
- attach mounts for compasses, fishing rod holders, GPS, torches, lights, cameras, rope cleats, clam cleats - you name it!. A flat wooden bridge that rests on the coaming and fastened down with J or L bolt brackets - designed to hold the popular SILVA 70UN / 70UNE / 73R multi-purpose steering / sighting marine compasses (or any other type of kayak / dinghy compasses that have a flat base with screw mountings) as well as any accessory that has a bracket fitting to secure that item. This Mount Board is a very useful addition to the 4.5 sail rig - add clam cleats, eyelets, and marine compass, etc. Two versions of mounting boards are available - a narrow (20 or 30cm) bridge designed fit by the apex of the coaming at the front, and the more popular wider bridge (45 or 60cm wide), wider to overlap the coaming on a single or a double / multi-seater kayak when mounted just forward of the rear or front paddler. The width of the mounting boards is designed to not get in the way of paddles. Depending on the model kayak, the mounting board can be used with the spraydeck fitted - on special request, L shaped brackets can be supplied that fasten the mounting board to the coaming rim on the outside. Standard J bolts fit on the inside of the coaming (cannot be used with spray covers fitted).

The Accessory Mounting Board (Clear, black varnished or matt painted wood) comes included with coaming brackets and is supplied bare with no accessory mounts fitted. Custom accessory boards fitted with specific fittings can be made on request - EG a sailing board fitted with clam cleats, normal cleats, eyelets, marine compass, or a fishing board fitted with fishing rod holders, cleats, paddle holder etc.

Custom made Accessory Mount Board - Black varnished
This example is fiited with clam cleats, eyelets, GoPro mount bases, and Silva marine compass (removable)

Camouflage skirts / covers - Basic (standard) kayak skirt or Full Set (Kayak skirt plus separate cockpit skirt). Kayak skirt in Polish Woodland pattern is included with Mk I Achilli and Mk II Zoska / Formoza Commando Packs. All skirts can custom made to order and can be made to fit any most makes of kayaks. A wide selection of patterns in specially treated 4oz nylon is available. Useful to cover a bright coloured kayak for fishing, wildlife / bird photography and film work, etc. See Colours page for camouflage patterns.

The basic standard kayak skirt has an elasticated rim to fit around the cockpit and bungy strings to tie the skirt to D-rings at the bow / stern and deck D-rings. The kayak skirt can be draped over any small kit stowed on the decks.
Full camo set - the cockpit skirt is simply a light cover with an elasticated rim that goes over the coaming, and on top of an existing spraydeck cover. Single seaters have all-in-one, from waist down to water-line.

Camouflage Full Set
(2 skirts)
Polish Army Pantera Woodland pattern
(Optional extra only - all kayaks)

Carry Straps -
Available in two sizes - for all single and double kayaks. Designed to reduce the flexing of the kayak frame when heavily loaded kayaks need to be carried.

Carry straps - Nato Khaki Harpoon I 450 +D

Cockpit covers
- available to fit most model kayaks. This cover closes off the cockpit - useful for car-topping, when storing the assembled kayak, or to keep un-desirable creatures out of the kayak when camping overnight at campsites. Note that current spraydeck covers come with individual covers so the spraydeck cover doubles up as a cockpit cover. In black only. See Spraydeck Covers below.

Collapsible military folding anchor -
in two parts and with no sharp edges / points, this is the ideal safe anchor to use with folding kayaks. Black plastic coated. Packs small as the shaft (shank) can be removed from the flukes. Weighs 2.1kg and measures 23cm x 15cm assembled.

Collapsible anchor

Comfort seats
- available to purchase in singles or pairs. Seats are standard as all black. Older model Comfort seats are placed on top of the existing standard seats, newer models Comfort seats replace standard seats when ordered together with the kayak. The seat is adjustable - back rest is secured via straps anchored to eyelets on the coaming (old) or to gunwale anchor straps (new). MG kayaks have slimmer inflatable seats included as standard - attached to gunwale straps only. There are two versions of MG seats - the standard short backed military seat (to allow for more upper body rotation - less interference from PFD jackets) and a taller back civilian seat for more comfort.

Comfort seat on top of the existing seat - Amazon II 530 2+1 - special request only. Comfort seats on kayaks other than the Amazon 520 and 600XXL use side straps anchored to the gunwales under the coaming.

Convertible (2 +1) Conversion Kits
- You already have an Amazon II double seater but would like to modify the kayak to be a single seater Convertible, so that you may paddle solo when you wish. This kit provides you with all the parts needed to do the conversion yourself. Requires basic DIY skills.
Parts included:-
- 2+1 version coaming pieces (F1 & F2) - includes extra back rest bolt holes
- Wider back rest (existing back rests will not fit at the point where the solo seat is positioned)
- Set of seat slider brackets
- Set of rudder pedal slider brackets
- Longer rudder cables.

If your kayak came supplied with Comfort Seats and there are eyelets (anchor points) in your existing coaming, we will need to know, so that the correct F1 / F2 pieces is supplied.
Note that the normal double seater spraydeck cover cannot be used when paddling solo.

If you wish to use your existing F1 / F2 coaming pieces, we can provide a smaller Conversion Kit without the modified F1 / F2 coaming pieces. This set has the required alu fittings that protect the backrest holes.

Deck Visibility Panels - a pair of Deep Orange or Duck Yellow clip on triangular panels shaped to fit on top of the front and rear decks for increased visibility, especially for dark coloured kayaks or when paddling in low light conditions. With attachment points on the three corners, the panels can be placed over any kit secured to the decks. Panels are custom made on request to fit your kayak.

Made of nylon - reflective strips can be sewn on at extra cost / special request.

Black Mk II Zoska 500 with Duck Yellow Deck Visibility Panels and light duty kayak cart

Internal expedition storage bags. Fits inside the cockpit, attached to the frame stringers using bag velcro loops. A neat way of creating extra and readily accessible cubby hole 'compartments' for your kit and ensures nothing essential floats away in event of a capsize! Bags are not waterproofed.

Black - standard. Orange / Yellow bags available on special request.

Old design Internal storage bags (no longer available) - Amazon II
Overview showing where the bags are attached to the gunwales, between the cross ribs.

New design Internal storage bags
Same size as the above earlier model - with external see through pockets, all accessible without having to open the main bag.
Size 50x20x10cm

Kayak Cart, super light, complete with straps. Wheels easy to put on / off - locked in with clips. Size - 44cm (width of axle) x 30cm (axle to top-most straps). Wheels 28cm (dia) x 4.5cm. Weight 1.6kg. Can carry a loaded kayak up to 45kg. Note that there is no bag included for the cart - with the wheels off, the wheels can be secured to the cart frame using the cart straps. You cart the assembled kayak like a wheelbarrow.
Multi-purpose kayak carts are listed in the 'Other Accessories' page.

Light duty kayak cart

Lifting straps.
Use with Lifting D-rings (see 'Features' page) or with extra straps attached to cross ribs. Originally designed to transport military kayaks under helicopters. These straps can assist with the lowering and raising of kayaks, especially in awkward locations where the launch area is high above the actual waterline (piers, jetties, quays, canal lock steps, etc).

Lifting straps with reinforced central lifting bar

Outboard Motor bracket / support. Alu / Wood construction. Fits all makes of folding kayaks, single or double - adjustable to cater for different widths of the coaming, even for solo paddlers sitting midway on double seaters (new design has extra and wider slots). Suitable for small lightweight electric outboard motors only.

Outboard Electric Motor. Details on request

Outboard Electric Motor / Outboard Motor bracket/support

Should you opt for a pair of paddles to go with a double, unless you specify otherwise, the default set we supply is 1x225cm & 1x240cm wooden paddles.
Other paddles are listed in the 'Other Accessories' page.

Paddle Wooden - 2 part, 3 positions, 1.5kg, 225 / 240cm
Pine, ash
(current model blade is slimmer & longer- see photo on right)
NB - paddle joint now made of reinforced plastic, not stainless steel as pictured)

Paddle Wooden Proste A - 2 part, 3 positions, 1.5kg, 235cm
Pine, aluminum sheet

Paddle Nordic - 2 part, 3 positions, 1.1kg, 240cm
Mountain spruce, fiberglass, epoxy resin
NB - paddle joint now made of reinforced plastic, not stainless steel as pictured)

Paddle TNP "Tour" - 2 part, 3 positions, 220, 225cm
Aluminum, ABS. Colours - Red, Yellow, Black & all black

Packing bags - Backpack / Carry bags
. Made of waterproof black CORDURA material. Note that if you intend to travel by planes or send the kayak via courier, etc on your travels, do request heavy duty variant bags. (extra cost)

Standard packing bags (black with orange straps) as supplied with the kayaks:-
Harpoon I 450 - 1 x Large Backpack bag:- 130 x 55 x 25cm
Harpoon I 500XL - 1 x Extra Large Backpack bag:- 150 x 55 x 25cm
Mk I Achilli MG - 1 Medium Backpack bag with bottom tray - 125 x 55 x 25cm
Amazon II, Trojak III, Ursus IV - 1 x Large Carry bag - 170 x 30 x 30cm. 1 x Medium Large Backpack bag - 90 x 50 x 40cm
Mk II Zoska MG - 1 x Medium Carry bag - 90 x 70 x 40cm. Extra Large Backpack bag - 45 x 45 x 145-165cm
Ursus IV - 2 x Large Carry bags - 145 x 30 x 30cm. 1 Medium Carry bag - 140 x 25 x 25cm. 1 x Medium Large Backpack bag - 90 x 50 x 40cm

Standard supplied bags when loaded tend to weigh an average 28-30kg each for the larger sized kayaks (Harpoon 500XL, Amazon 600XXL, Ursus IV). You can opt to have extra bag sets instead, to spread the weight of each bag (optional extra) when you purchase a kayak:-
2 pieces set - single seaters
3 pieces set - double / multi seaters
The extra bag in the set is the Ribs Carry Bag. (76 x 34 x 20cm) Designed to hold flat pieces - ribs, seats, rudder pedals, light kayak cart, PFD's etc.

Alternatively, you can opt for a mix of bags of your choice. EG - for a Harpoon 500XL, 2 x Extra Large Backpack bags.

A military version backpack bag with an integrated loading tray is available. The empty bag folds into itself and clips onto the rear deck. This produces a shallow tray - you can then easily put small items in this tray whist in the water (EG scuba diving)

All carry / backpack bags are in black only. (coloured bags in photos below is for identification only). Exception is with military kayaks, bags may match the deck colour.

Packing bags as supplied for a 3 piece set for double/multi-seater kayaks.
Black Large Backpack Bag - Hull, rudder
Brunswick Green Large Carry Bag - Long wood pieces
Deep Orange Rib Carry Bag - Ribs, seats, rudder pedals

Rib Bag - for flat items and other extras such as PFD's, seats, etc.

Sea Sock
- for all single and double seaters that have velcro around the coaming, including Kleppers - let us know what kayak you have and we will supply to fit. In all black only.

The Sea Sock is a great safety item in the event of a capsize (reduces the amount of water entering the boat) as well as keeping the inside of your kayak clean. The sock fits tightly around the coaming. Shaped to fit over the back seat rest and along the seat bottom, the 'foot' part of the sock is loose fitting through the front part of the cockpit area, creating a smaller internal 'bulkhead'. In the event of a capsize, the kayaker can exit the boat, whilst the sea sock still remains with the kayak. Water will only enter the sock, not the whole kayak, hence less water to bail out. Also, muddy shoes, wet dogs, etc only goes inside the sock thus keeping the insides of the kayak clean is a lot easier.

The concept of the sea sock came out many years ago and was first created to be used with single seater kayaks and the design had the spray cover incorporated together with a keyhole cockpit and waist skirt. The kayaker sits inside the sock, with the lower body and legs being enclosed - legs and feet are not constricted, and the neck of the sock is fastened around the chest. There are safely concerns about the early designs, especially in the paddler's ability to extract themselves quickly in the event of an capsize. Also, with the small keyhole sea sock cockpit, it is very difficult to re-enter the kayak solo.

Wayland has modified the concept to address the safety concerns and to make the sock more practical. The standard sea socks do not have spray covers - the effect is like sitting in a well fitted bathtub in the cockpit area. This 'open' sea sock is designed to be used with existing spray covers (no modification required to existing spraycovers). The provides an additional advantage in that you can have a sea sock in place without having to have a spray cover fitted, and the concept works with single as well as double seaters.

There are two versions available:-

Single seaters - full 'closed' sea sock (with integrated spray cover). The current design of sea sock for the single seater has a central zipper on the 'deck' that goes all the way to the front plus shoulder straps. This modified version allows easier re-entry in event of capsize (or putting in at difficult locations such as high quay walls) as the whole sea sock opens up, creating a normal sized cockpit as large as the kayak's own cockpit. This modified version is also useful for paddlers who wish to take a small dog along for the ride - simply leave sea sock un-zipped.

Single seaters / Double seaters - open sea sock (no integrated spraycovers). Same concept as for the single seater sea sock in creating a smaller bulkhead and to keep the kayak clean, but with a major difference - there is no built-in spraydeck cover. The usual spraydeck cover is fitted over the open sea sock as required. If ordering for a double seater, do let us know if your kayak has solo paddler fittings.

Sea socks do have some drawbacks. You cannot easily access under deck storage spaces. The flat floor of the sea sock is draped over the rudder pedals - the pedals may not move as easily.

NOTE: Especially with the closed sea sock, to avoid possible entrapment in the event of a capsize etc, it is strongly recommended that you get to know the sea sock well and practice safety drills together with suitably qualified paddlers, in as many possible scenarios, before using the sock out in the sea, rivers, etc.

Single seater closed sea sock - Harpoon I 500XL frame

Single seater closed Sea Sock (integrated spray deck) - Duck Yellow Harpoon I XL500 (Sponsons not inflated for this photo)

Closed Sea Sock, opened up with the back part of the elasticated cockpit neck pulled over the rear coaming piece - Duck Yellow Harpoon I XL500 (Sponsons not inflated for this photo)

Open Sea Sock - Harpoon I XL500 frame
(Photo courtesy C Ibottson)

Open Sea Sock with separate spraydeck - Harpoon I XL500 frame
(Photo courtesy C Ibottson)

Open Sea Sock - Harpoon I XL500
(Photo courtesy C Ibottson)

Open Sea Sock - Nato Khaki Amazon II 520 Convertible. A separate spraydeck cover fits over the open sea sock. Backrests / Comfort seats not shown.


Solo Paddling facilities - double seaters. This enables one to use the double seater Amazon II / Trojak III as a single kayak as required. An extra seat position between the normal two seats is provided for (brackets), plus an extra back rest (has different width to the other 2 backrests), and longer rudder cables with extra rudder pedal slider brackets.

Spraydeck covers - available for one, two, three or four person kayaks. There is also a spray cover configuration available for a single paddler using an Amazon II 530 Convertible / Klepper Aerius II Convertible (or Trojak III on request), as well a small one for a small child in the rear cockpit of a Trojak III+D. Spraydeck covers are made of waterproof CORDURA - in black with orange markings/straps. Spraycovers fasten to the coaming using velcro.
There is a vertical orange strap/grab handle on the 'neck' of the spraycovers (waist skirt) - this splits open the neck vertically so that the paddler can easily enter and leave the kayak without having to wiggle through a small 'cockpit' / skirt. You can make this opening as large as you want. This same grab handle allows quick extraction in event of a capsize situation.

Spray decks for double seaters and up, all have individual covers that can cover the cockpit 'necks' if that particular cockpit is not in use. The 'neck' in pushed inwards and the hole is closed with the respective cockpit cover. When using that cockpit, the cockpit cover is rolled backwards and fastened down behind the cockpit neck. When the boat is assembled but not is use - EG at a campsite or on a car roof rack (car-topping), the individual cockpit covers closes the holes to provide cover against rain and wind. An integrated map holder for the rear paddler is available as optional extra.

A dual-use version of the single seater spraydeck is also available. This version allows the spraydeck to double up as a car-topping cockpit cover, using the same design concept as shown in the photos of the Amazon II 2+1 spraydeck cover. The main benefit is that the cockpit can be completely closed off when camping overnight - you do not need a separate cockpit cover.

Spraydeck's with integrated map holder. Double seaters only - the integrated map holder is positioned in front of the rear paddler.

Expedition Spraydeck covers - these spraydeck's have extra features on the cover such as perimeter D-rings, velcro strips and cockpit covers. The D-rings can be used to secure map holders, and various other small items. The velcro secures modified internal expedition bags.

Spraydeck covers for MG kayaks. (Standard accessory included with MG kayaks). The design is of circular cockpits with a stiff rim on the spraydeck cover. Detachable skirts 'clip' over the cockpit openings with elasticized cord. In all black only.

NOTE: To avoid possible entrapment in the event of a capsize, it is strongly recommended that you get to know the spraydeck covers and practice safety drills, in as many possible scenarios, before using the spraydeck cover out in the sea, rivers, etc.

Spraydeck cover -Convertible 2+1, completely closed. Integrated map holder as shown for rear paddler is optional extra. This is an Amazon II with the option for solo paddling, hence the 2 +1 seat positions.

Amazon II Convertible 2 +1 Spraydeck cover with front and rear covers pulled back.

Amazon II Convertible 2 +1 Spraydeck cover, showing all covers rolled up and necks pulled up. Normally, two paddlers would use the front and rear seat positions with the center section closed, a solo paddler would use the center seat position with the front and read seat positions closed.

Mk II Zoska MG spraydeck cover (Standard accessory included with boat)

Mk II Zoska MG spraydeck cover with skirts 'clipped' on

Prices (2016 season)
Code Accessory
FCB Accessory Mounting Board small - 20cm - 30cm wide
Specify kayak model and whether will be using spraydeck / J or L brackets
FCB-X Accessory Mounting Board medium - 60cm wide - For 450, 500 & 520 kayaks
Specify kayak model and whether will be using spraydeck / J or L brackets
FCB-? Accessory Mounting Board large - 80cm wide - For 550, 600 & 700 kayaks
Specify kayak model and whether will be using spraydeck / J or L brackets
EB1-1 Bracket / Support for outboard motor
  Camouflage basic (standard) kayak skirt. Any available pattern. Covers kayak's decks - from cockpit breakwater down to the waterline. Specify model kayak.
  Camouflage full set - Kayak and spraydeck cover skirts. Covers entire kayak, from the waist down to the waterline. Any available pattern. Specify model kayak
  Cockpit cover - single seater
Use for car-topping, etc
NB - if need a spraydeck cover, choose the spraydeck with the intergrated car topping cover
  Collapsible anchor - military
  Cockpit cover - double seater
Use for car-topping, etc
NB - if need a spraydeck cover, choose the spraydeck with the intergrated car topping cover
SK1 Comfort seat 1 pc (Harpoon)
SK2 Comfort seats 2pcs (Amazon, Trojak, Ursus) £180.00
  Mk Comfort seats, inflatable bottom 2pcs (Amazon, Trojak, Ursus, Zoska)  
  Comfort seat gunwale anchor straps (set of 4 pieces - 1 seat) £20.00
  Comfort seat gunwale anchor straps (set of 8 pieces - 2 seats) £30.00
TTS-1 Carry transport strap - single seater £34.00
TTS-2 Carry transport strap - double seater £38.00
  Carry transport strap - MK double seater £50.00
  Lifting Straps - use with kayak's Lifting D-rings
  Lifting Straps - use with kayak's Lifting D-rings
MK double seater, reinforced
  Deck visibility panels - Deep Orange or Yellow Duck (pair)
  Electric outboard motor
EB1-1 Internal expedition storage bags - 1 bag
EB1-2 Internal expedition storage bags - set of 2 bags
EB1-3 Internal expedition storage bags - set of 3 bags
EB1-4 Internal expedition storage bags - set of 4 bags
BSL Kayak cart Light duty
(Cart kayak like a wheelbarrow)
  Solo paddler fittings - DIY kit (Amazon II - back rest, seat guide rails & rudder pedal guide rails).
PWP225 Paddle Wooden Proste, 2 piece / 3 positions, 225cm / 1.5kg. Pine / ash, Drip rings
PH240 Paddle Wooden Proste 2 piece / 3 positions, 240cm, 1.5kg. Pine / ash, Drip rings

Paddle Wooden 2 piece / 3 positions / 235 cm

PWN240 Paddle Wooden Nordic, 2 Part / 3 Pos 240 cm, 1.1kg
PTNP Paddle Alu TNP "Tour" 2 Part / 3 Pos 220 cm / 225 cm.
PB1-1 Packing Bag - 1 pc - single seater (Harpoon)
1 x large bag, holds complete kayak - frame and skin
PB1-2 Packing Bag - 2 pcs - single seater (Harpoon)
1 x Large bag
1 x Rib bag
PB2-2 Packing Bag - 2 pcs - double seater
1 x Long frame pieces bag
1 x Fat bag for skin and other frame pieces

Packing Bag - 3 pcs - double seater
1 x Long frame pieces bag
1 x Fat bag for skin and comfort seats, covers
1 x Rib bag for other frame pieces


Packing Rib bag - small bag, useful for miscellaneous items - comfort seats, spray deck covers, PDF's, etc

 PBGT-U Packing Frame bag - long bag for long frame pieces - EG longerons, keel boards, etc
 PBBT-U Packing Hull bag - fat bag for skin, wide frame pieces, and other bulky items
  Packing Hull Bag (MG) with integrated loading tray. Attaches to rear deck

Spraydeck cover & sea sock
Open sea socks (Doubles and up) - purchase with spraydeck cover, 10% discount off both items.
Sea sock
(Open version)



Single seater
Wayland Harpoon
Wayland Harpoon XL
Proximo I (Spray cover included with kayak, sea sock - open version only)
Klepper Aerius I 450
Klepper Slalom 55
Klepper Slalom 58
Klepper T65
Klepper T66
Klepper T67
Klepper T6
Klepper T9
Pouch Sammlung
Pionier 450 S
Pionier 450 Wa
Niewiadów Pstrag I
Mk I Achilli 450 / 500 (Std with Mk series, optional with all other kayaks)

Add £4.00
for car-topping

Add £12.00
for Expedition
Open version

Closed version
(integrated spray cover)



Double Seaters
Wayland Amazon II (Not Converrtible version)
Klepper T8
Klepper T12
Klepper Blauwal 4
Klepper Vagabund
Klepper Aerius II (Pre 1997 version)
Klepper Aerius 20
Klepper Aquilus
Pouch KTW Z80
Pouch WEZ80

Pionier 520 Z
Niewiadów Neptun 08
Niewiadów Neptun T100
Niewiadów Jantar 07
Tajmien 2
Mk II Zoska 500 / 545 (2 seats)
(Std with Mk series, optional with all other kayaks)
Mk II Zoska (solo paddler-£104) (Std with Mk series, optional with all other kayaks)


Add £10.00
for car-topping

Add £10.00
for integrated map holder

Add £15.00
for Expedition

Double Seaters
Wayland Amazon II XXL (Not Convertible version)
Klepper TS2
Pouch Rz-85-2
Pouch Rz-85-3
Pouch Rz-85-Exquisit
Pouch Ks75
Pionier 540 G
Mk II Zoska 600XXL

Add £10.00
for car-topping

Add £10.00
for integrated map holder

Add £15.00
for Expedition



Wayland Ursus IV
Wayland Amazon II Convertible
Wayland Trojak Family III +K
Tajmien 3
Wayland Amazon II XXL Convertible
Klepper Aerius II (Post 1997 version with 3rd seat)


Add £15.00
for car-topping

Add £10.00
for integrated map holder

Add £15.00
for Expedition

Klepper Passat
Klepper Master

Boats highlighted in red or not listed - frame may be required for proper fit. 

Packing bags -
Black Backpack Bag
Brunswick Green Carry Bag
Deep Orange RIB Carry Bag

Comfort seats
Ursus IV

Comfort seat
Mk II Zoska C


Spraydeck cover - single kayak

2 +1 Spraydeck cover on an Amazon II, with centre position 'closed'.

2 +1 Spraydeck cover on an Amazon II

2 +1 Spraydeck cover opened up for a solo paddler on an Amazon II 520

Spraydeck cover - 4 seat positions - Ursus IV

Spraydeck cover for child
Rear cockpit - Trojak III+D

Spraydeck cover - 'Zoska' military style on Amazon 520
(Detachable skirts not shown)

Spraydeck cover - 'Zoska' military style on Mk II Zoska 545 with detachable skirts fitted

Spraydeck cover - Proximo I

Spraydeck cover - Harpoon I 500XL
Military style version
(Photo courtesy
- B Delanoee)

Cockpit cover - AEII
(photo courtesy M Felding, Denmark)

'Light duty' kayak cart

'Light duty' kayak cart

Sea Sock - Harpoon I 500XL

Sea Sock - Harpoon I 500XL

Open sea sock - Amazon II 520 Convertible
Normal spraydeck cover fits over this open sea sock.

Outboard motor bracket & electric motor

Paddle in paddle pocket

Standard wooden paddles 225 / 240cm
(Paddle joint now reinforced plastic)

Please note that Wayland PL (factory) is constantly innovating and improving all products. EG product descriptions on this site is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a major un-announced description change or change / omission of inclusive accessories by the factory, you will not receive products in a lesser total value to what was originally ordered

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