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Go canoeing
in a
Wayland folding kayak !

70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. You just need to select a folding kayak and go paddling!


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Please bear with us whilst the website is ungoing maintenace, updates, clean up etc. Do email us with any enquiries you may have using the email address as shown in the banner above

Can I paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a licence to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Web sites page.

In other countries, do check with your national kayak organisations and waterway / off-shore agencies etc.

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Kayak construction and materials

Below are the details of materials as used for the Harpoon I, Amazon II, Trojak III, Ursus IV and the military kayaks Mk I Achilli and Mk II Zoska / Formoza folding kayaks. All materials are 100% European made.

Replacement skins (EG Klepper, etc) are all made with CSM, and on request HYPALON or TPU for the hull and DIKLON 32 or the deck. For military kayaks (EG NATO Klepper Aerius II 520), the deck can be made with military certified SATTLER.

With proper maintenance and care, you can extend the life of your kayak, way beyond the guaranteed life of 10 years.

Frame / Fittings - wood framed kayaks
Frame / Fittings - wood framed commando kayaks
Frame / Fittings - alu framed kayaks and canoes

Upper deck - all kayaks
Hull - Hypalon / CSM - all kayaks and canoes (except for Smartline range)
Hull - TPU - all kayaks and canoes (except for Smartline range)
Hull - PVC - all kayaks - Smartline range
Sponsons - all kayaks

Frame / Fittings (Wood - Harpoon I, Amazon II, Trojak III, Ursus IV)

Frames are made of triple varnished wood with corrosion resistant anodised dural alloy fittings and stainless steel fastenings. The standard varnish colour is clear with brown and yellow being available on request. Black varnish is also available at extra cost.

* Marine plywood 12mm - Bow / stern pieces, ribs, floor pieces
* Marine plywood 15mm - Coaming
* Ash / Beech - Longerons / stringers, gunwales

Fittings / fasteners
* Corrosion resistant dural alloy - clip locks, brackets, plates, hinges, pop rivets, etc
* Stainless steel - screws, nuts / bolts.
Clip locks, brackets etc are pop-riveted

Rudder system
* Rudder bracket - dural alloy
* Rudder blade - aluminum
* Rudder steering lines / Rudder lifting line - para cord

Frames are guaranteed for 5 years.

Amazon II

Frame / Fittings
(Wood - Mk I Achilli, Mk II Zoska / Formoza)

All frame pieces have 4 layers of black / dark brown non-reflective salt water resistant paint with low radar/infrared signature. Key pieces have night identification marks to aid assembly.

Frame pieces
* Marine plywood - Bow / Stern pieces, ribs, coaming

* Ash / Beech - Longerons / stringers, gunwales

Fittings / fasteners
Fittings made of Dural aluminum and non-magnetic stainless steel (PA6).
* Corrosion resistant dural alloy - brackets, plates, hinges, etc. Hinges are 3 piece with a central axis.

Rudder system
* Rudder bracket - dural alloy
* Rudder blade - black / dark brown coated aluminum
* Rudder steering lines / Rudder lifting line - high strength core lines / para cord.

Frames are guaranteed for 5 years.

Mk II Zoska 500

Frame / Fittings
(Alu - Proximo I, Vector II, Hancza 475, Wigry 575)

Tubes - anodised aluminum tubing. The tubes are colour coded with tape for easy identification.
Middle section sleeves - stainless steel 'extenders' with push button locks. Tensions the skin.
Thigh braces - stainless steel tubes.

Ribs & bow/stern pieces - Holland marine plywood. (photos on the this website shows black COMPREG-D ribs & bow/stern pieces - now discontinued).

Frames are guaranteed for 10 years.

Proximo I

Proximo I - cockpit area

Proximo I - Compreg D rib (discontinued, now replaced with marine plywood)

Upper deck
(DIKLON 32 - all civilian kayaks)

DIKLON 32 is an acrylic Draylon canvas fabric created specifically for marine applications. This fabric is also widely used for boat covers, sun awnings, etc.

* tear resistant
* waterproof
* UV resistant
* colour proofed - will not fade.

The Dickson Sunacryl process combined with the Dickson Cleangard treatment protects the canvas from loss of colour (Ratio of resistance to UV radiation UV 7 - 8) as well as protects from stiffness loss and dirt/oil adsorption.

Although the canvas is waterproof, it can 'breathe' allowing the kayak to be cool inside, even with the spray deck on.

Manufacturer's Guarantee = 10 years.

Available in 16 different colours - see Colours page.

Upper deck (SATTLER - Mk I Achilli, Mk II Zoska / Formoza)

SATTLER is the canvas material certified for use on all military kayaks
, similar in properties to DIKLON 32. Available in 3 colours only - black, olive green and camo.

Hull (HYPALON - all kayaks)

The hull is made of a multi-layered Pennel & Flipo (France) ORCA HYPALON material. This material provides a high degree of suppleness and protection for the kayak. This is the similar sort of material as used on the undersides of off-shore inflatable and white-water rafts. As standard, all kayaks come with keel strips (also HYPALON) covering the length of the keel and some chine areas. Extra keel strips and floor keel strips for further protection is available on request (optional extra).
Construction / properties of HYPALON:-
Base fabric - Polyester High Tenacity 1670 dtex - 1500 deniers
- External - Chorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) / Neoprene (CR)
- Internal - Neoprene (CR)
Tensile strength: >=460 daN/5cm
Tear resistance: >=35 daN
Weight: 1500 +/- 150g/m2
Usage properties:-
* high modulus
* mechanical strength (tensile & tear)
* low and high temperature resistance
* air-tightness
Life expectancy properties:-
* resistance to mechanical & hydraulic abrasion
* resistance to weather, ozone & humidity
* resistance to chemical agents
* 10 year guarantee
Four layers of calendared sheets offer:- 
*guaranteed air-tightness (no porosity)
* optimal adhesion or rubbers

The Military Grade (MG) kayaks use a slightly different but stronger grade HYPALON (1650 dtex).

Hull (TPU - Harpoon I, Amazon II, Trojak III, Ursus IV, Proximo I, Vector II) - a lighter alternative choice to HYPALON

TPU is short for Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Produced by SO.L.TER Italy.

Nylon interior fabric with polyurethane outer coating. Light (approx 40% lighter than Hypalon) and extremely durable - excellent abrasion resistance, very good tear strength and outstanding low temperature flexibility. 10 year guarantee. Weighs 850g / m2 compared to HYPALON's 1050g / m2. Pieces of TPU are welded together (hot glued), as opposed to HYPALON's which is cold glued & sewed.

For a simple comparison between
HYPALON - longer lasting and stronger. Easy to repair, like fixing a tyre puncture.
TPU - lighter. Requires a hot glue gun for repairs (or melt existing glue and let cool).

Hull (PVC - Harpoon I, Amazon II - Smartline range) - a budget alternative choice to the standard HYPALON / TPU

Suitable for use in inland waterways, rivers and lakes. Best used in warmer waters as the cold makes the hull stiffer - a cold skin makes it a little difficult to assemble the kayak especially if left in storage for a long time.


Sponsons are inflatable clear PVC tubes, enclosed in nylon sleeves - integrated into the hull skin on the inside.

Frame - Amazon II

Rudder pedals attached to sliders - Amazon II

Integrated rudder pedals
Mk I Achilli 450
(On request)

Bow - Mk I Achilli MG

Bow - Proximo I

Coaming bracket

Matt grey anodised coaming bracket
Mk I Achilli

Stern - Proximo I

Matt grey anodised frame clips in Mk I Achilli / Mk II Zoska

Rib - Proximo I

Plastic/rubber seats & guides for tubing - Proximo I


Rudder - Mk I Achilli / Mk II Zoska

Loose hull (not in a frame) showing 2 x 6cm keel strips

Please note that Wayland PL (factory) is constantly innovating and improving all products. EG product descriptions on this site is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a major un-announced description change or change / omission of inclusive accessories by the factory, you will not receive products in a lesser total value to what was originally ordered

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