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Go canoeing
in a
Wayland folding kayak !

70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. You just need to select a folding kayak and go paddling!


12/12/19 - Website maintenance
Please bear with us whilst the website is ungoing maintenace, updates, clean up etc. Do email us with any enquiries you may have using the email address as shown in the banner above

Can I paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a licence to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Web sites page.

In other countries, do check with your national kayak organisations and waterway / off-shore agencies etc.

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Large photos of the 4.5 Lateen Sail Rig and Bridge Outrigger
Note: Bridge Outrigger is not included with the sail rig - sold separately. Lee boards is included with all sail rigs.

In the set of photos with the Corrida Red Amazon II 520 Expedition below, the main sail was set at a lower height. As can be seen, there is room for the main sail yard to be raised further up the mast, so that the boom will be above the front passenger's head. The last three photos with a Duck Yellow Amazon II 520 Expedition with sail rig Lee Boards, the main sail is set higher.

Note that the mast pole diameter and base differs in sail rigs made for Kleppers and Waylands. Do let us know what boat you intend to use the sail rig with.

Showing how far back the boom goes from the mast.

Showing how much the float clears above the surface of the water when the kayak is almost level

Showing how much lean there is in the mast with the float hardly in the water much.

The main sail can easily be raised to be higher up the mast.

The Bridge can still be moved further forward, so that the floats are not in the way when paddling. Note the rows of holes on the bridge which is for the clamps that holds the bridge to the coaming.

The mast is raised higher - Amazon 520 Expedition with lee boards.

Please note that Wayland PL (factory) is constantly innovating and improving all products. EG product descriptions on this site is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a major un-announced description change or change / omission of inclusive accessories by the factory, you will not receive products in a lesser total value to what was originally ordered

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