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Go canoeing
in a
Wayland folding kayak !

70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. You just need to select a folding kayak and go paddling!


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Can I paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a licence to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Web sites page.

In other countries, do check with your national kayak organisations and waterway / off-shore agencies etc.

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Other Accessories

Accessories on this page are not Wayland products
. Most are made or sourced from within the UK. Wayland (factory) sourced accessories are listed in Accessories.


Bilge pump
Foam cradles
Folding carts
Greenland sticks (paddles)
Marine compasses
Paddle floats (self rescue)
Painters (mooring rope)
PFD's - Specialist Buoyancy Aids including PFD's for dogs
Rescue knife
Tear-Aid repair kits
Twist valves
Waterproof bags & pouches
Windpaddle sails

Price List

- Anchor holders on the fore decks of the Mk I Achilli / Mk II Zoska / Formoza kayaks are designed to hold very small Bruce and folding grapnel type anchors. Weight - approx 1kg.
Some folding anchors come with a bag - secure this inside the boat. EG use with Harpoon / Amazon as these kayak models do not normally have anchor holders fitted on the front deck.
If you are concerned about the anchor potentially accidentally damaging the skin of the kayak, then either a sand anchor or the plastic coated 2 part military anchor is the possible alternative. The sand anchor is a heavy duty tri-laminate bag which you can fill with rocks, stones or sand as needed (up to 14kg).

Bruce anchor

Folding grapnel anchor with bag

Sand anchor

Bilge pump
Aqua-Bound Master bilge pump. A high capacity pump that pumps out 1 gallon (3.78l) per 8 pump strokes. The hose fitting is designed to accommodate hoses with an internal diameter of 1 inch (no hose is supplied). The pump is fitted with a high visibility floatable high density foam sleeve and can be opened up for cleaning (remove debris). The pump is strong, with a stainless steel piston rod. There is an moulded eyelet - to attach an safety tether to the deck of the kayak. Made in USA

Aqua-Bound Master bilge pump

Foam cradles
- dual purpose cradles that can be used for car-topping and to keep your kayak / canoe off the ground. Due to the firm open cell foam construction, the cradles will hold your boat without any pressure points. The cradle has a groove on the underside and this groove will fit over the majority of car roof racks and canoe trailer bars, and can be easily removed when not in use - groove is 6cm wide at its widest point. Measures 45 x 15 x 15cm. Sold in pairs.

Foam cradle & Harpoon 450

Two Harpoon 450's with foam cradles

Foam cradle showing groove that fits over the roof rack bar

Storing boat off the ground

Folding carts -

ECKLA 'FOLDY' folding cart
(made in Germany) - specially designed for folding kayaks. With large sized pneumatic wheels and sturdy anodized aluminum frame. This multi-purpose FOLDY can be opened up as a 'stack truck' or luggage trolley - to carry packed kayaks, folded as a flat-top cart / dolly - to carry an assembled kayak, and 'flat-packed' - to put away inside or on top of the rear deck of the kayak. A very practical and well made cart. Complete with securing straps and drawstring bag.

The FOLDY with the wheels removed is compact enough to fit through the cross-rib behind the seat of any kayak and through the cross-rib at the front of the smallest single seater Harpoon I 450. Otherwise on kayaks with deck lines / D-rings, the cart, can be strapped on the rear deck using the cart's own securing straps. Cross bars has 2 pairs of solid foam padding.

Size: 50 x 68 x 100cm - 'stack truck'
Size: 69 (axle) x 34 x 13cm - flat packed
Weight: 4,9 kg
Loading capacity: +/- 60 kg

Wheel diameter: 260mm
Wheel thickness: 8cm

2 year warranty.
Includes carry bag

Flat packed to fit inside or on top of kayak deck
folding kayak trolley
Fully opened to carry packed kayak bags
folding kayak dolly
Folded as a flat-top kayak cart

FOLDY folding kayak cart
supporting 3 bags
(Double seater kayak)

folding kayak dolley
Folded as a flat-top kayak cart - Pacific Blue Trojak III +CH.

FOLDY and single seater bag

Greenland Anglesey Stick
- Specially designed slightly longer than average Greenland paddles to cater for the Waylands and other broad beam kayaks. This traditional Greenland design is an increasingly popular choice for sea-kayakers and is also excellent for long distance touring. The paddle is light, easy to control and can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries as well as being the least tiring design of paddle to use due to the way the paddle is used.
This paddle is hand-crafted from carefully selected single lengths of western red cedar, a wood that has been used by indigenous people for centuries. Western red cedar is beautiful timber with a high strength to weight ratio and good resistance to rot and fungus. The Anglesey Stick is finished with Tung nut oil, which is water-resistant and provides a good grip even when wet. The blades are narrow so that they can be gripped anywhere along the length from loom to tip and are designed to be used for a more variable range of uses & techniques.
Made to order in the UK, and sent direct to you from the factory, 2 - 3 weeks after order payment.

Greenland Anglesey Sticks

Marine Compasses

Multi-purpose steering / sighting marine SILVA 70UN / 70UNE compasses. These compasses come with a holder that you can screw onto the wooden Accessory Mounting Board - see Accessories). The compass holder allows for easy removal of the compass itself for quick hand bearings or for packing the compass away when not in use - when mounted in the compass holder, the compass serves as a steering compass. These compasses float! Ideal for wooden framed, large cockpit kayaks.

Kayak SILVA 58K compass. These compasses have bungys and hooks - place directly onto the foredeck and clipped onto existing deck lines. Ideal for alu framed small cockpit kayaks.


With a built in diode illumination powered by two watch batteries.



TNP paddles - "SEA" range - classical sea and touring paddle. These paddles are incredibly tough, of medium weight and yet still affordable and suitable for anyone who takes the rough water with the smooth. The blade material is made of highly tough polyethylene (HDPE). The various shafts do not differ in strength, only in weight. All shafts have approx 30 mm outside diameter. Blade area: 626 cm2. Standard push button couplings with 3 angles.

Available to order at 220cm and 240cm lengths - the ideal length to accommodate the broad beam of folding kayaks. If ordering two paddles for double seater kayaks, it is recommended to purchase one of each length.

Available colours

TNP "Sea" Dural 703.2 shaft - 1240g @ 220cm

TNP "Sea" Glass Fibre 713.2 shaft - 1130g @ 220cm

TNP "Sea" Carbon 723.2 shaft - 1070g @ 220cm

Paddle floats

Seattle Sports Dual-Chamber Paddle Float - an essential tool for self-recovery. This paddle float is designed with an extra large capacity for maximum buoyancy, quick-release buckles for easy attachment to kayak paddles and a clip-on safety tether to eliminate loss in windy conditions. The attached bright yellow float can also double up as a flag.



Painters - bow / stern floating mooring rope.
Sold in pairs. Black 5m with plain ends, Yellow 4m with plain ends, White 4m with nylon eye.

PFD's - Specialist Buoyancy Aids

A good buoyancy aid rated to 50Newton class will support a person over 25 kg with a good freeboard but will still require the wearer to be a good swimmer as it will not turn you over into the safe back position. If you require more buoyancy or are a non-swimmer you should look at least a 100 or 150 Newton life jacket (not listed here). Life jackets have buoyancy concentrated to the front and collar and these help a person turn over onto the safe back floating position.

A good PFD for kayaks are ones with a shorter cut and do not slide up when you sit down. The sides are also cut away for more freedom of movement.

BALTIC Adventure - front zip

As the name suggests, the Adventure is the ideal buoyancy aid for adventure on the water. If you are fishing, paddling or just looking for a vest with multiple pockets Adventure is an excellent choice. There are two front zip pockets, a large one to use for example, a bait box and a smaller one for a mobile phone. The Adventure also has several attachment points, a holder for pliers or multi-tool and retro reflective patches on the shoulders. The back has also two drain mesh pockets. As these are 50N buoyancy aids, these products are only suitable for competent swimmers.

Article number 5350
Size S 30-50, M 50-70, L 70-90, XL 90+ kg

BALTIC Adventure

BALTIC Dinghy Pro - side zip

An advanced dinghy and kayak buoyancy aid used by Olympians and world champions. Airex super soft foam in combination with laminated polyethylene foam makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Featuring a Mylar front pocket and a durable all Delrin zip. Waistband with double Velcro closure to prevent riding up, reinforced shoulders and bottom draw tie. High cut for easy hiking and trapezing. As these are 50N buoyancy aids, these products are only suitable for competent swimmers.

Model Unisex
Red / Black - Article number 5702
Red / Yellow - Article number 5703
White / Black / Red - Article number 5706
Size XS 25-40, S 40-50, M 50-70, M/L 70-80, L 80-90, XL 90+ kg

Model Unisex
All Black - Article number 5701
Size XS 25-40, S 40-50, M 50-70, M/L 70-80, L 80-90, XL 90+ kg

PFD's - Specialist Buoyancy Aids
- Dogs
Mans best friend should be able to enjoy the water as much as he does. We have a range of comfortable pet aids for all sizes of dogs. All of the pet aids feature good buoyant qualities and have lifting straps and a D-ring for the leash.

There are 3 different models to choose from - Standard, Mascot, Professional.

BALTIC Professional - dog buoyancy aid

An advanced dog buoyancy aid suitable for pool exercising, training and rescue. Manufactured from durable fluorescent material with lifting handle and retro-reflective tape. It has wide comfortable webbing fixing straps and D-rings for attaching a front leash or a rear search and rescue line. The jacket also features two zip up pockets one on each side. The jacket also has the secondary function of protecting your dog against the cold, the foam forming an excellent insulating barrier. 

Article number 0420 - in yellow only
Size S -8, M 8-15, L 15-40, XL 40+, XXL 40++ kg


BALTIC Professional
BALTIC Standard - dog buoyancy aid

A comfortable pet buoyancy aid that protects your pet from cold and heat. Wide webbing fixing straps with Delrin buckles for easy fit and comfort. Fitted with D- ring for the leash.

Article number 0410 - orange only
Size XS 0-3, S 3-8, M 8-15, L 15-40, XL 40+, XXL 40++ kg

BALTIC Standard

BALTIC Mascot - dog buoyancy aid

Mascot is a new model range using a mix between 0420 and 0410 soft buoyant material and dark coloured sides to prevent discoloration. Manufactured from abrasion resistant nylon material this dog life jacket features a lifting handle with glow in the dark retro reflective tape. The quick drying foam lining buoyancy inside the jacket is 10mm thick.
It has wide comfortable webbing fixing straps, retro reflective tape, and D ring for attaching a leash. The jacket has the secondary function of protecting your dog against the cold, the foam forming an excellent insulating barrier. 

Orange - Article number 0430
Pink - Article number 0432
Size XS 0-3, S 3-8, M 8-15, L 15-40, XL 40+, XXL 40++ kg

Green - Article number 0431
Size XS 0-3, S 3-8, M 8-15, L 15-40, XL 40+, XXL 40++ kg

Rescue folding knife
Serrated blade, ideal for cutting rope. Locking blade, 6.4cm blade with rounded blunt tip. 11.4cm when closed. Red only.
Item code:MZ 10056

Waterproof bags and pouches - OVERBOARD "Keep it dry".
All of these products are rated between IPX5 and IPX8 on the Waterproof Rating System (TM). From ultra strong PVC to lightweight nylon. Available in a variety of colours - to enable colour coding of your kit and / or storage positions inside boat.
2 - IPX5 - Waterproof in top-down watering applications
3 - IPX6 - Waterproof so tight, it floats or can handle quick submersions
5 - IPX8 - Waterproof and submersible to depths greater than 6m.

(Photos and details coming soon)
Waterproof cases - Phone and Camera cases (5)
Waterproof cases - Tablet cases (5)
Waterproof cases - Multipurpose cases (5)
Waterproof Backpacks - Pro-sports waterproof back backs (3)
Waterproof Backpacks - Ultra-light Pro-sports waterproof backpacks (3)
Waterproof Backpacks - Carbon backpack (3)
Ultra-Light Bags - Dry bag multi pack (3)
Ultra-Light Bags - Ultra-light waterproof backpacks (3)
Ultra-Light Bags - Ultra-light waterproof duffel bags (3)
Ultra-Light Bags - Ultra-light waterproof dry tubes (3)
Waterproof Duffels - Waterproof duffel bags (3)
Waterproof Duffels - Waterproof Ninja duffel bags (3)
Waterproof Dry Bags - Dry tubes (3)
Waterproof Dry Bags - Backpack tubes (3)
Waterproof Dry Bags - Waterproof kayak deck bag (3)
Waterproof Dry Bags - Waterproof dry flats (3)
Waterproof Dry Bags - Document pouches (2)
Waterproof Dry Bags - Dry bag multi pack (3)

Tear-Aid repair kits - Type A & Type B
Tear-Aid, the indispensable repair patch for outdoor and indoor usage. Tear-Aid is a unique transparent repair patch suitable for repairing tears and holes in practically many types of materials and is extremely strong and very elastic. Tear-Aid is no temporary solution, it is a permanent repair patch which will also serve as a "Master" repair kit for your outdoor and indoor equipment, and can withstand temperatures between -28 and +60 degrees celsius.

Tear-Aid repairs, not only the kayak's skin and accessories, other outdoor items such as canvas / nylon tents, sleeping bags, camp beds, groundsheets, tarpaulins, backpacks, dry suits, wetsuits, jackets / cags, to name a few. Tear-Aid is available as Type A and Type B. Both types have the same unique qualities but each type is designed for a specific group of materials. Tear-Aid can be used to repair tears and holes in the centre of the material, as well as tears and holes on the edge of the material. For tear and holes on the edge of the material, a nylon line (supplied) is used to reinforce the edge of the repair.

Type A - Most materials other than vinyl and PVC. Suitable for hypalon, TPU, CSM hulls, canvas decks, nylon sponson sleeves, cordura bags, spray covers / skirts, and sail sheets. 90% immediate adhesive strength, 100% adhesive strength after 1 hour.
Type B - Only for vinyl and PVC. EG sponsons. Can be used immediately, 100% adhesive strength after 24 hours.

Each sealed sachet comes with a 7.6cm x 30cm patch, 4 alcohol pads, nylon line and instruction leaflet. You cut the patch to the preferred size (scissors not included). For optimal attachment, the patch needs at least 2,5 cm of coverage around the tear. For larger tears, longer/wider rolls are available on request.

Twist valves
Twist valves for inflation tubes. Tired of the plug retaining cords getting tangled or loosing the air plugs? Change to twist valves! Fits tubes with a 13mm diameter - fits over the outer part of the valve. Also fits 10mm tubes - fitted to the inside portion of the valve. If you have existing air plugs that looks like those in the photos, then the twist valve will fit.
Also fits most kayak air buoyancy bags.

Sold in pairs. It is recommended that a sealant is used - EG Stormsure.

Sponson inflation tubes

Comfort seat inflation tube

WindPaddle Sails
This minimalist downwind spinnaker sail is a self-launching, self-standing pop-up sail specially created for kayaks, canoes. sit-on-tops, paddle boards, and other small watercraft. Based on the similar concept as the flexible pop-out frisbee and small pop-up tents where the internal hoop provides the required shape when open and is twisted to close and flat-packed smaller when not in use. With a very low center of gravity, the WindPaddle is very safe and easy to use, and usually requires no modifications to your boat. Instead, the sail clips quickly and easily to existing deck lines or hardware. Boats without any deck hardware or attachment points can be rigged by running a line around the cockpit coaming and tying two loops on that line to provide anchor points.

Size difference between the smaller Scout and the larger Adventure / Cruiser sail

Packed sails

Packed sail on deck, ready to be used

Africa Brown Amazon II 520 with WindPaddle Cruiser sail - Seychelles
Photos courtesy M Vaudoux

Weighing 0.37kg or 0.63 kg (depending on model), the WindPaddle stows flat on the deck in a small folded coil 1/8th its deployed size. When needed, the sail can be deployed in seconds whilst on the move by releasing the hooped strap or a deck bungy. A continuous sheet (steering line) allows the paddler to control the sail whilst keeping the paddle in their hands for balance and steering. Should a strong wind suddenly blow up, all that is needed is to release the steering line a bit to spill excess wind or to allow the sail to fall flat onto the top of the foredeck. The sail can be folded away easily whilst still in the water. There is a large horizontally oriented window for good visibility.

The sail rig is also constructed in such a way that it can be turned to sail between 75 - 90 degrees off downwind.

The WindPaddle cloth is 1/2 oz. rip-stop polyester, the same material that yacht racing spinnakers use. This material is low-stretch fabric that will not absorb water or become heavy when wet. The flexible perimeter batten is made of a proprietary material that will not rust, corrode nor break unless seriously abused. The window is of lightweight clear vinyl. All of the seams are sail-taped and sewn using traditional triple-stitch zigzag sail seam construction. A triple-stitch zigzag results in a strong seam where the panels are sewn.

WindPaddle Scout
WindPaddle Adventure
WindPaddle Cruiser
"Entry-level" sail intended for the recreational solo kayak paddler. The Scout is the same size sail as the Adventure sail, but with a lighter batten and intended for 4-15 knot wind conditions. Intended for the serious solo sea-kayaker. This is the sail for expeditions on big water and will be pulling hard long after you are ready to head to shore. The “Adventure” will withstand any condition you throw at it. The sturdy and unbreakable "expedition-grade" perimeter batten maintains sail shape in high winds and allows for high sailing angles. The largest-sized sail, with a 50% larger sail area compared to the Adventure. The sail cranks the power up a few notches for the heavier boats such as double / triple seater kayaks and canoes or where more power is needed.
Sail area: 0.89 m2
Deployed diameter: 106.7 cm
Coiled diameter: 38.1 cm
Weight: 340 g

Sail area: 0.89 m2
Deployed diameter: 106.7 cm
Coiled diameter: 38.1 cm
Weight: 396 g

Sail area: 1.59 m²
Deployed diameter: 142.2 cm
Coiled diameter: 50.0 cm
Weight: 453 g

Target boat – Solo recreational boat to touring kayak, SOT 8 – 15 feet.
Target paddler – novice to intermediate
Target wind range: 4-15 knots.
Off-wind sailing envelope – approx. 150 degrees
Target boat – Touring and Expedition boats 4.2m– 5.5m
Target paddler – intermediate to expert
Target wind range: 5-30 knots.
Off-wind sailing envelope – approx. 180 degrees.
Target boat – Kayaks, Canoes, Inflatables, Double seater and Expedition boats 4.2m– 6m
Target paddler – intermediate to expert
Target wind range: 5-30 knots.
Off-wind sailing envelope – approx. 180 degrees.


Wooden Paddles
Price excluding P&P
GASSP220 Greenland Anglesey Stick, Small Special, 1 piece / 220cms. A shorter paddle with a thinner loom and a narrower blade.
P&P =£20.00


Greenland Anglesey Stick, Medium Special, 1 piece / 228cms. Suitable for the average height paddler.
P&P =£20.00

GASLS235 Greenland Anglesey Stick, Large Special, 1 piece / 235cms. Longer paddle with a thicker loom.
P&P =£20.00
Composite Paddles
 TNP 703.2 TNP "Sea" Dural shaft, split paddle (Indicate length & colour required)
 TNP 713.2 TNP "Sea" Glass Fibre shaft, split paddle (Indicate length& colour required)

 TNP 723.2 TNP "Sea" Carbon shaft, split paddle (Indicate length and colour required)
  Bruce anchor - 1kg
  Folding anchor - 1kg
74725 Bilge pump - Aqua-bound Master
FCRAD Foam cradles - pair. (add P&P £3.00)
SX-SEATFLO Paddle float - Seattle Sports Dual Chamber Paddle Float
  Painter mooring floating rope, 4m - pair. White
  Painter mooring floating rope, 4m - pair. Yellow
  Painter mooring floating rope, 5m - pair. Black
 FOLDY ECKLA FOLDY multi-purpose kayak cart (German made)
 58K Silva 58K kayak Compass
 70UN Silva 70UN multi-purpose Compass
 70UNE Silva 70UNE multi-purpose Compass
 73R Silva 73R multi-purpose sailing Compass
5350 PFD - BALTIC Adventure
5701 - Black
5702 - R/B
5703 - R/Y
5706 - W/B/R
PFD - BALTIC Dinghy Pro
0420 PFD - BALTIC Professional - dog buoyancy aid
S - £60.00
M / L - £70.00
0410 PFD - BALTIC Standard - dog buoyancy aid
XS / S - £20.00
M / L - £24.00
XL - XXL £28.00
0430 -Orange
0431 - Green
0432 - Pink
PFD - BALTIC Mascot - dog buoyancy aid
XS / S - £23.00
M / L - £29.00
XL - XXL £38.00
MZ 10056 Rescue folding knife - red
020010A Tear-Aid Type A repair kit - 7.6cm x 30cm transparent repair patch plus 4 sachets alcohol pads

020010B Tear-Aid Type B repair kit - 7.6cm x 30cm transparent repair patch plus 4 sachets alcohol pads

020010A+B Tear-Aid Type A & B repair kits (1 of each type)

TWIST-W Twist valves - pair

WINDPAD-S WindPaddle Scout - Blue
P&P =£5.00

WINDPAD-A WindPaddle Adventure - Blue
P&P =£5.00

WINDPAD-C WindPaddle Cruiser - Blue
P&P =£5.00

Please note that Wayland PL (factory) is constantly innovating and improving all products. EG product descriptions on this site is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a major un-announced description change or change / omission of inclusive accessories by the factory, you will not receive products in a lesser total value to what was originally ordered

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