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Go canoeing
in a
Wayland folding kayak !

70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. You just need to select a folding kayak and go paddling!


12/12/19 - Website maintenance
Please bear with us whilst the website is ungoing maintenace, updates, clean up etc. Do email us with any enquiries you may have using the email address as shown in the banner above

Can I paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a licence to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Web sites page.

In other countries, do check with your national kayak organisations and waterway / off-shore agencies etc.

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Refurbished / rebuilt and 'As Is' kayaks
(Original kayaks not made by Wayland)

Feeling nostalgic about the good old days, years back - the days that you used to paddle a folding kayak....and you miss that particular model kayak?

If you are after a favorite but discontinued model folding kayak such as one of the many famous Klepper models that were produced between the 1950's and 2010, we may be able to help with a refurbished folder! To name a few - Klepper Blauwal 4, Klepper TS2, Klepper Aerius II (520), Klepper T8, Klepper T67, Klepper T12, Klepper Master , Tyne, Granta ....

We do have some ready stock of complete frames
in varying conditions and will supply a new replacement skin for that frame made to your requirements. If there is a particular model kayak that you are after, where we currently do not have a frame on hand, we can try locate one for you and then arrange to have a new replacement skin made for that frame. Klepper is well known to have produced high quality frames that can last a lifetime.

Frames are sold as is - any broken pieces / missing fittings will be replaced. Any varnishing etc that may be needed, can be your winter project! You decide on the replacement skin - the colour, the deck features, etc. New carry / packing bags will be included.

To keep costs down, ideally the chosen kayak model should be a model whereby the Wayland factory actually has the same model frame on hand (to use as template to make an accurate fitting skin).

Occasionally we may have complete originals - that is, a kayak with the original skin. The skin may still have a few years of life left, ideal for those who plan to only paddle a few times a year and then possibly replace the skin later.

Talk to us - tell us what you are ideally after, and we'll see what we can do for you! Complete frames that we have can only be sold with replacement skins ordered from us.

If you already have a complete folding kayak frame, but need a new replacement skin, then have a look at the Replacement Skins page. If you need spare parts for your old frame, do speak to us.

On kayaks where replacement skins is supplied, the replacement skin come standard with Wayland logo on the front port side deck unless 'No logo' is specifically requested. £40.00 surcharge to exclude logo.

Kayak frames
We will arrange to have a custom made replacement skin made to order to your specifications

Photos are not necessarily of the kayak for sale unless stated
Klepper Aerius II Basic tandem folding kayak replacement skin Klepper Aerius II (520)
The most popular double seater model ever built by Klepper, where thousands were made between 1950 and 2010. There have been a few variants, mainly in the seat construction (from plain wooden seats to hard foam) and the addition of a solo paddler fitting.
Stock - 3 frames on hand, all in good condition
Price - POR
Klepper T58
A popular touring kayak.
Stock - 1 frame on hand, (possibly with original skin?)
Price - POR
Klepper Slalom 59 SOLD
A popular white water kayak.
Stock - 1 frame on hand
Price - POR (with original skin?)
  Klepper T8
Stock - 1 frame plus spare frame pieces
Price - POR
Tyne Sports double seater folding canoe Tyne Sports Double 17
This is the same model kayak that won the famous Devizes to Westminster canoe race several times during the 50's and 60's. Frames are brand new, never used. We can partly refit the frames with more modern Klepper / Wayland fittings on request.
Stock - 3 frames on hand, with more available (some minor frame parts needs to be made)
Price - POR
  Hammer double seater
Hammer model still to be confirmed.
Stock - 1 frame on hand, with original skin
Price - POR  
  Klepper T67 - SOLD
Touring single seater with round cockpit.
Stock - 1 frame
Price - POR

Kayak skins
We have a few old skins that are still usable in fair to good condition

Klepper Aerius II (520) - Blue
Privately 'Home made' with a PVC hull, not professionally finished.
Can be used as a spare skin - EG training for the DW race. Price - POR

Klepper Aerius II (520) NATO military issue - Olive Green
Ex-military issue skin in fairly good condition.
Made with the standard issue heavy duty hypalon.
Purchase skin only or with a complete used AEII frame (clear varnish only). Price - SOLD
The two light coloured patches seen on front deck - is just mud, washed off.


Other complete kayaks

A selection of some kayaks and dingys available.

Klepper Master dingy - complete with original skin - POR
Frame in very good condition. Needs a new replacement skin (existing skin in very poor condition)
Photos available on request

Tyne Dingy - all original
Coaming complete with oar row locks, transom has base plate to hold a small outboard motor (not incl). Includes carry bags. Sail rig with lee boards can be included - this sail rig is home made by previous owner, there are no fiitings to hold the mast but can be easily made.
Weight - approx 25kg, length 3.35m x 0.91m width
Further details / photos on request.

Tyne dingy - shown not completely assembled  

Klepper T8 - new replacement skin complete with original frame - Crimson Dark Red

Double seater. New replacement skin. Black lightweight TPU hull with 4x6cm keel strips. Deck features includes deck-lines with D-rings, front and rear loading hatches, front and rear paddle holders, sailing and lifting D-rings. Accessories include 'Expedition' spray deck cover, 2 internal expedition storage bags and 2 folding kayak carry bags / back packs. Other accessories available as optional extra - Front / rear buoyancy bags, etc.
Frame is in reasonable good condition. Original wooden seats are included (not shown in photos below)

Crimson Dark Red Klepper T8 replacement skin

Klepper Sonnland double seater - all original

In very good condition. Skin still has a few more years life as the kayak has not been used much. There is no damage to the hull, hardly any scratches! The wood is still in a good nick too.
This model kayak was produced for a short period of time in the mid 1960's. Weighs approx 24kg. Length 5.10m x 0.8m width. Comes included with bow and stern buoyancy bags, and full rudder system. Home made nylon rip stop spray cover / skirts and close-cell foam padded seats made by the previous owner.
More photos available on request.
Klepper Sonnland

Pouch RZ 85/3 double seater complete with sail rig and kayak cart - all original - SOLD
Regarded as the best sailing kayak.
Hardly ever been used, in very good condition. Original owner was a sailing enthusiast and made mast modifications, but appears to have never actually got around to putting the boat in the water - hull is virtually unmarked. Kayak has been kept in dry storage ever since by owner' son.

Produced between 1973-90
Seats: 2
Length: 5.50 m Depth: 0.10 m
Width: 0.85 m
Weight: 30.00 kg
Loading capacity: 250.00 kg

Frame - Ash and plywood. Skin - 3 ply PVC hull and cotton deck Requires bow and stern buoyancy bags - not included / missing (any modern made kayak buoyancy bags can be used)

Carry bags - several to hold misc items. EG sail sheets, sail mast, main frame bag, main skin / ribs bag. Some bags are torn or have holes. Padded back rests. Rudder and rudder pedals (missing rudder pin)

Kayak cart LK1 - Can be dismantled to be flat-packed. Wheels secured with large wing nuts. Wood frame easy to take apart.

Standard Sail rig with lee boards - original cotton 2.4sqm. Additional synthetic sails - larger size. Some modifications / additions (fittings) has been done by previous owner for ease of sailing.

A spray deck is included. This appears to be an after-thought purchase because the coaming is missing the required fittings to hold the cover in place. Also this spray cover could have been made for an slightly different model kayak with a longer coaming (4-5cm longer) - made for the Pouch RZ85-3 Equisit.

Original sail rig set up. This shows the cotton sails (Photo from Patcool)

PVC skin - folds quite flat

Lee board set up. Photo from PATCOOL

Cross frame pieces, seats, mast nose piece, rudder pedal

Long frame pieces

Mast pieces, sail, rudder blade (on deck)

Original cotton sail sheets on top of synthetic sail sheets - size comparison

Kayak skin

Please note that Wayland PL (factory) is constantly innovating and improving all products. EG product descriptions on this site is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a major un-announced description change or change / omission of inclusive accessories by the factory, you will not receive products in a lesser total value to what was originally ordered

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